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PRCA Country Rep. urges media industry stakeholders to address key issues
Sri Lanka needs to take into consideration and adopt relevant measures and policies to save the media industry from a severe talent shortage, stressed Thanzyl Thajudeen, the country representative of the Public Relations & Communications Association (PRCA), one of the world’s largest and influential PR body.

We are seeing various challenges across the industry, such as lack of skills and attitudes among newcomers, complete disregard for ethics and confidentiality, shortage of staff and talent, tremendous burnout among existing staff, drop in the quality of journalism and reporting, stagnated and outdated salary scales and business revenue models, over-sensationalising news and events, surging levels of misinformation and propagandas, among others.

There are many misconceptions among graduates and newcomers to the industry and we need to bridge these gaps by mobilising some of the brilliant minds from both the professional and academic sectors and facilitating knowledge transfer including the integration of other disciplines such as law, social sciences and psychology for example. Being an all-rounder is crucial to journalism, to have that multidisciplinary perspective. Most importantly, to have the level of maturity, integrity and resilience the discipline deserves.

Based on our recent interactions, we found that there is a growing burnout among editors, especially those in print media outlets that are facing talent turnover. Media owners need to be advised that this poses a threat, if not now, in time to come, eventually leading to losing some of the most competent individuals left in the field out there. The burnout also extends to the PR industry and we are deeply concerned about the skills and attitudes of the newcomers in this sector too.

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Pan Asia Bank, Wogi introduce ‘Global Digital Platform to revolutionise customer experience
Pan Asia Bank has announced that it has formed a new agreement with Wogi, a Global Digital Platform of loyalty and digital incentives. This partnership aims to provide greater customer engagement through customer rewards, which in turn advances our mission to offer consumers cutting-edge, environmentally friendly banking products throughout Sri Lanka.

“In Pan Asia Bank, we always put the customer first and make sure that we are constantly improving the banking experience while also being sustainable in every bit of our operations,” said Naleen Edirisinghe, CEO of Pan Asia Bank. “Our cooperation with Wogi marks a major milestone in our journey towards creating a customer centric culture, while this initiative will also fully align with one of our brand’s goals to be a partner of sustainable development and green banking.  He also stated that, Wogi will bring loads of International expertise which will provide a novel experience to both organizations and Sri Lankan customers.

Wogi is one of the few digital platforms that offer a vast array of digital rewards from over sixty major brands.

gossip lanka news line
Swisstek Aluminium Limited Honored for Leadership Excellence at “Companies with Great Managers 2023” Awards
Swisstek Aluminium Limited, has been recognized for their outstanding managerial and leadership excellence at the "Companies With Great Managers 2023" awards organized by the Colombo Leadership Academy for Leadership Excellence. Five of Swisstek Aluminium's managers were duly honored at the prestigious event, held recently to celebrate exemplary leadership across multiple industries.

Swisstek Aluminium is proud to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of managers who exemplify our core values and drive us toward success. Leading the charge in Driving Results & Execution Excellence Category, Gihan De Silva, our Head of Marketing, and Sasanka Wanigathunga,